On Finding Love: do you really need to fish in the ocean?

Our teenage years are full of excitement especially when we talk about having a boyfriend. Remember the girls in your class who already had suitors since elementary years? Also, those girls who talk a lot about their crushes? While you were busy in your algebra class back then, they too were busy finding “love”.

It is not surprising that one factor why we have developed the urge to find for love in our early to mid-twenties is that, we learned a lot about our peers getting married at the age of 23. Or some are having children already at 25. While you, here we go again, are still busy getting a stable career.


Single, so what?

There is nothing really wrong with being single at the age of 24. Perhaps, you had a long-term relationship which lasted for several years and you just recently became single. Or some of us, ahem, are have just set the standards high for their future partners. No matter what your status is right now, do not be afraid to be single.


Why it is dangerous to incessantly fish in the ocean?

Because girl, you are not looking for someone to love. There is a greater probability that you are just in love with the idea of being in love. It is not bad to go on blind dates, but if you are still eager on blind dates every weekend for the entire year, something is not right here. You become addicted to mindless fishing. You aimlessly cast your string in the ocean without any idea what kind of fish you are after.

You catch a lapu-lapu but you throw it back because you realized you wanted a tuna. You caught a tuna, then you suddenly thought, milkfish would taste better with sinigang. You can indeed go on fishing for years without even deciding first what you want for dinner.

Ladies, be cautious. Guard your hearts. With incessant deliberate fishing, you appear to become so desperate before the eyes of men. Some might take advantage of you because they knew that you are desperate.


Do you really need to FIND love?

Yes, but not desparately. You have to know your purpose why you want to find love. Most of our folks will say, the right guy will just arrive in your life in the right time. You just have to wait.

There is some truth to that, but being too passive in waiting is also not healthy. You also have to be open and willing to entertain guys who are showing good intentions to you. You can not just sit around and wait for your knight-in-shining-armour to appear before you and snatch you away with his white horse.

What do you think?


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