You grew older!

Recently, we had a reunion with our Law School batch. I missed law school for a year, so it is expected that they will graduate ahead of me. Due to all the campaign and election season, my attention was diverted to politics.

Now that we just had the chance to get together, one male classmate who is also a politician noticed something:

“You know what, I cannot help but notice the huge changes in you. You are now a more controlled woman, very mindful of your speech, and a lot more mature than you were last year. You grew older!” 

Well literally, I grew older than last year but what he meant was that I am more sensible today. Haha. Imagine, we haven’t met for just a year but the changes seem to be very noticeable for him. I didn’t realize how much I have matured for a year until he expressed affirmation about it. I also overheard a conversation from two other classmates. It was all about how much I have become more approachable and friendly. Does that mean I was indifferent before? No, but probably because I am learning how to intentionally listen to someone when they speak to me.

It feels more like a really good thing. Something that makes me realize how public service shaped my personality. Making me a more sensitive and tactful person.

For someone who had been used to stage performing and theater, people knew me for my wacky and exaggerated day-to-day expression. I am used to informal speech and teenage stuff. But today, my facial muscles have become mellow. More relaxed. As much as possible always wear a smile.

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