3 Tips for Effective Study Habits for Students

It is already mid-June and some classes here in the Philippines have started. As for me, the drama is back to Law School. Just a walk in the park – Jurassic Park (as per the late Senator Miriam Defensor Satiago)E

Though I had been here for several years already, I still encounter some struggles especially in regaining my study habits and focus back. Now that I am a working law student, managing my time with public service and school is a struggle. Don’t worry, I feel you friend. It is just sometimes tempting to browse a little more of new items in an online shop, or check your smartphone for a message, or a hint of “hold on, i need to check my email for a quick second” thought. Before you know it, you have wasted 30minutes of your time just goofing around the internet!!! (Guilt makes a grand entrance)

Establishing an effective study habit takes a little while. Discipline and Resilience is the key. But you do not need too much wisdom to have effective study habits, all you need to keep in mind are these three tips:

1) Out of sight, out of mind

Put away too much distractions in your study area. Determine what are the things that get your attention away from what you are reading. Is it your smartphone? Is it the fishbowl with tiny little goldfish on top of your desk? Or is it the digital photo frame? 

Tested and proven, I placed my smartphone outside of my study room. Because the more i have a glimpse of it, the more I become eager to check something in it. After two weeks of putting away my phone during study time, I became a little less interested in holding it. This digital age, we have this twitch to check our phone every 15minutes of we do not get any notifications. (addicting)

2) Choose your “BEST-ME” time

This is your most alert time of the day where you are most comfortable studying or reading. Since we each have different body clock system, some of us are better focused when they study in the wee hours like 2AM- 6AM. While others are best working all nighter or during day time when everybody else are also busy.

You just need to maximise those hours when you can focus more. As for me, I sleep early at 7PM, the wake up at 3am to study. During this time, I am most keen plus there are no noisy people bothering and knocking at my study room.
3) Meditate. Breathe.

No friend. You cannot kill yourself by continuously studying for 5 hours without taking breaks! It doesnt have to be an hour break for you to relax. 

You cannot even sit for straight two hours! So get a 3kg dumb bell outside your study room, or in your backyard. So that every 60mins of laser-like focus in reading, you can take a breather outside with a quick walk or a few reps for your arm toning.

Perhaps you can go outside, breathe fresh air and do a 3-minute mediation. 

This way, you do not torture your brain cells plus you give yourself a treat for a job well done. 

Do you also have some simple tips for effective study habits? Share it with me, I am excited for what you have to share!

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