On dead-end relationships: when trust is broken

Where do we go from here?

Repeatedly asking yourself about the next possible steps that you could take to forgive yourself and to forget all about the pain every morning. Probably not the most efficient way of moving on, but it’s not being too hard on yourself. You are being patient and loving to your heart.

Moving on is not about revenge, it is all about resilience. 

God is always on time. Yes, He never gets late. I may not have shared a lot of sentiments about a recent heartbreak, because it might be stressful to you, my beloved friends. 

Maybe he has hurt you, maybe he had a fling with another woman, or maybe he lied to you a lot of times. Or maybe it was your mutual decision to end the relationship because you do not trust each other anymore. You both saw that it was coming, anyway. 

When trust is broken, things between both of you become a little tougher than before. He does not believe if you tell him that you were busy studying, neither you totally take his reasons when he says this-and-that. You start accusing each other of some issues that is not even true. Saying hurtful things to each other. Both are righteous. You cannot see any good in each other. It causes a lot of pain and wounds.

Ladies, let me tell you. There is no point in frantically trying to mend what was broken. No matter how hard you insist on him that you should talk about it and fix things between you, believe me, you should stop right there. If he is not showing any effort in bing the guy, run away as fast as you can. You are just wasting your energy. Being hopelessly devoted is not romantic. It is desparation.

We will learn this the hard way though. Until you realized, that if he deserves to be happy in pursuing another soul, then you are totally entitled to pursue and chase your dreams on your own too! If all a man does is to make you feel worthless, remember girl, you are God’s princess and you do not deserve that. 

God loves you and He believes in you. Despite the fact that the guy tells you that you are a liar and that he doesn’t trust you anymore, God still believes in you. 

Despite all the negative emotions and sadness that you are experiencing about your most recent break-up, remember that you can still blossom in the middle of the dessert. Believe that you are able to stand again and redeem yourself. Remember that you had been completely happy before you met him, and you can be happier without him. Do not be afraid that you will go out on your own because you are strong. 

Never waste the pain that you are feeling now. Use it to make your feet stand stronger than before. 

I still have tears well up my eyes when I remember how painful it was. As I close my eyes, I still hear the echoing words that he told me. Mine is a wounded heart. Honestly, I am still afraid up to this writing. Afraid that I can never gain my self-worth and respect back again. Afraid that when I see him again, I might get weak and remember that at one point….

Remember that when trust is broken between the two of you, both must do something to regain it. But if only one is fighting the battle in winning each other’s trust back, maybe it is time to say “it was good while it lasted”, and make a graceful exit, girl.

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