Takuri Cafe in Jaro, Iloilo

For the love of spontaneous search for good coffee and reading place, we found Takuri Cafe in Cuartero Jaro. One of the best places to sip a Malaysian Coffee in Iloilo.

Takuri Cafe (or tea kettle in English) is located in Aguana Street, Jaro. It is a cozy place to have coffee, brunch, or dessert. I find the place very interesting because of the antique collection of kettles of different sizes and shapes (makes me want to rub one of the golden kettles to unleash the genie, haha).


Anyway, since good coffee is my thing, I also recommend this place for those who like a restaurant that has no intimidating atmosphere and intimidating menu! Haha.


How to get there Rose?

Though we went ‘riding in tandem’ again going to Takuri, but let’s go for the most practical mode of transportation – jeepney! You can take Pavia Iloilo jeep or any jeepney that takes the Old Iloilo Capiz Road then you ask the driver to drop you across Carlos Bakeshop then you can walk going to Takuri Cafe.

Or if you will take a taxi, you can instruct the driver to bring you there.

In case you are lost, do not be afraid to ask the people around for directions (like I always do, haha)


What should I order there Rose?

I recommend you try their Laksa! But I liked the Takuri of their Malaysian Coffee because coffee is life!

Their menu is not that pricey compared to other restaurants in the main strip of Megaworld or Atria. Plus, you can feel like you are home.



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