July: Endless Beginnings

Maybe we are not homeless. Instead, we found a strange place that we now call “our home”.

We design a path that we chose to live. Mine became a doodle. Never-ending picturesque of this-and-that. Connected to one another at some point. Now I see the bigger picture. Where shall I even begin to appreciate?

Last June, I went back to law school with the good amount of enthusiasm. I chose to break my heart with rash decisions about the romantic relationship. We ran away from home. Now I begin over and over again.

It’s not about how many chances that you get from this world. I guess it is about how you bounce back better and stronger from your former situation.

Maybe I have loved too much, gave people too much attention, and compromised so much to make them happy. Now the past haunts me. Chances knock at my door for the nth time. Then I know if I welcome rash decisions again in my life, we might juggle with the same cycle again.

Where should we begin trusting each other again?

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