There he goes again

Ladies! Oh how I missed this relationship posts with you!

I just successfully parked the car in the university premises. I actually have a class at 8AM, but I remembered to drop by for a quick post with you today. Anyway, how’s your heart today gorgeous?

I got several instances this week where he is at our front door. Mom likes him. He makes her smile with his out-of-the-blue jokes. Mom likes him. He tries to be a handyman in our new home. Mom likes him. She even smiles when she sees us kiss each other goodbye 

This morning, as soon as he entered our door, mom already laughed at his opening remarks. Yes ladies, he is the big guy.

We see each other everyday because we had good amount of mutual understandings since day we met. We share the same passion in writing, creating, and inspiration to build. 

He wants to dominate Iloilo. I share that passion with him. He wants to build more niche sites, and I will always be his writer and critic. 

I say, moving on is subjective in each one of us. Maybe for you, not seeing him totally would greatly help. But maybe for me, him making my mom feel better everyday is one way of creating an opportunity to forgive. 

He uttered:

“You are all I got in my life now”

“Remember that I love you. It’s not that you never heard it from me for a long while. It is because you were not listening to me for a long while.”

There he goes again.

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