Konsehal, pautang naman: why people think politicians have lots of money

I cannot seem to fathom up to this writing, why most of the people (especially in the provinces) are very loud in saying that politicians have lots of money and that when they are not able to lend you money, they are not worthy to be a leader in your town. 

Well, maybe it dates back to the politicians years before I existed in the Local Government Unit. As a young servant-leader, I am bound to live up to the culture that politicians are pseudo-lending corporations. Why do people need to lie to you and create magnanimous fabricated stories why they need to borrow money from you? I cannot really understand that. I comprehended that my duty, as one of the town’s lawmakers, is to take care and serve the needs of the people through enacting ordinances and projects. On a sidenote, it is also my personal duty to give them opportunities to make a living. 

But why? *sobs* Why are they lying just to borrow money from me? *sobs*

Well, I am in the service for exactly 1 year now. So far, I have come across a lot of experiences with various dramas (but mostly are legit i.e., medical expenses, prescriptions) in loaning a certain amount from me. 

But what I cannot fathom is the fact that some are obviously just taking advantage of the municipal officials. And when the non-legit borrowers say: let me borrow money, they actually mean “give me money”. Because it will most likely be written in the waters. *wink*

On non-legit, habitual, expert borrowers – they ask to borrow certain amount of money for this and that. Then when I lend them an amount lower than what they are demanding, they would speak ill behind my back because I am cheap! (Yikes!)

But the reason why they think that officials have so much money, the truth is that we also give back more than half of our honorarium in helping the financial needs of some residents who are in dire need of emergency help. In my own opinion, that is our personal duty to the people.

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