The day Jesus took the steering wheel

Long drive. On my way to pick him up from his hospital duty.

I felt heavy. Every breath seems a lullaby. I barely had 2 hours of sleep last night. Keeping the constant speed, I can hear the music was fading out, I lowered the gear and the last thing I remembered was that I opened my eyes and I am half a meter away from crashing to the streetlight post! In a millisecond, I felt a heavy force on my left arm that steered the wheel away from the post and back to the highway. My car swerved hard to the left. I saw two cars behind me stopped in shock.

What did just happen?

I immediately parked the car beside the highway crying. Crying in awe of Jesus’ saving power and grace. I cannot contain the feeling. If I had woken up a second later than I did, I could have been in the hospital now, not to pick him up from work, but to fight for my life in the ER.

My heart flutters hard as if I am being embraced by an invisible energy. It’s consuming me entirely.

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