I, too, still create new hopes and dreams even at 25

We never stop dreaming. Age is not even an exemption in creating new goals and dreams.

Do not be afraid of letting yourself change, or letting changes happen in your life. This life is a constant journey of learning and challenges, so if you become too conservative or frightened of taking a new perspective, you might lose sanity.

I was born in 1992, from the Generation Y / Echo Boomers. Research says that we are incredibly sophisticated in technology and immune to most sales and marketing pitches. Thus, we are flexible to changes.

You see, there might be several factors why you are faced with changing priorities and goals today. Maybe because of what you see with the lives of your peers, comparing your career and family life with them, or maybe it is because of your family, significant others, or spiritual journey. You are a potpourri of various roles that you fulfill in every aspect of your life so do not be surprised that you sometimes deal with changing beliefs.

What is important is that you know your ground. You know what you want. You know when to keep pursuing something. You know when to drop excess baggage. You know what brings more value to your life. You accept that you are imperfect but totally capable of creating a valuable life that contributes to the community.

You fear that you will lose people and opportunities in your life when you create new priorities or when you decided to move on from your past. It is all up to you.

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