Tell it to Jesus

Sitting there in the coffee shop. People talking but I hear nothing. Peace crept down my spine wanting nothing but to remain silent for the rest of the night.

I kept humming the songs of praises as I watch men and women indistinctly chattering in the nearby barbecue resto and bar. What a gorgeous peace this is.

We all have difficulties and troubles along the way, and some of us oftentimes encounter financial struggles almost every day. Probably there is a huge expense that you need to pay for the weekend, or several unpaid bills bothering you day and night. “Where will I get the money?”

It’s hard to cut off expenses when you are keeping a status nowadays. You get anxious when you cant deliver what people wanted, especially those that you want to please. But we tend to forget that we were born not to please anyone but God. Just God.

Keeping up with the Jones’s is impossible. God knows that you are struggling financially but you keep denying so you try to frantically find ways to find money on your own without trusting Him about it.

When faced with a financial trouble, tell it to Jesus immediately. Yes, He already knows what you need even if you dont say it out loud, but you need to ask Him what you need.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Surrender. Yesterday, I stopped being anxious about an impending huge expense that I am about to make. I am tired of spending carelessly and not being mindful of my expenses while I know that I need to cut back unnecessary purchases, eating out in fancy restaurants and expensive coffee, so that I could pay off my debts. It’s disappointing to know that lately, I had been spending more than what I make.

Lesson learned. One time, I opened my wallet and was surprised that I do not have any money left! Just a 5 peso coin, “where did my money go?” Imagine, I do not even have children nor family to provide for, but I had been spending like I have two children to feed! Isn’t it ironic for someone who is single? Haha.

Plan. It is also important that you plan out your financial freedom. Not because that your gas tank is full, you will drive around to and fro impractically. Or doesn’t mean that you are earning fifty thousand monthly, you can eat in fine restaurants for both lunch and dinner. If you do not have money in your purse, learn to tighten your belt.

Be practical. Do not spend and spend and let tomorrow worry itself. No. That is not the proper mindset. For heaven’s sake! Stop being capricious, if you cannot financially sustain your high-maintenance eating or coffee habits, do not pass it on to others. Learn to tighten your own belt. 


Pray and Trust. This time, let us tell it to Jesus. Specifically, ask for what you need and also do something to live within your means.



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