Troi Oi’s Phở: Healthy happiness in a bowl

All the midterm exam week madness boils down to me driving around nowhere to get some comfort food that could ease my restless soul. I thought of escaping to somewhere far from the bustling city, get lost in the mountains, or travel abroad and eat anything that could take my breath away. Just as the longing for peace and comfort of this restless soul, to my surprise, I found myself in Vietnam here in Iloilo City!

Troi Oi (pronounced as choi oi) surprised me as soon as I took my first step inside the restaurant. The first thing I noticed was the artsy floor tiles – oh, they are lovely. Plus, the smell of the various spices blending in with the colorful walls and cozy lights instantly teleported me to Vietnam.

I have never been to Vietnam, but Troi Oi gave me the kilig feeling of being in Vietnam here and now. The upper floor of the restaurant has this really cool balcony where guests can enjoy the calming view of the Iloilo River Esplanade.

Chào mừng (Vietnamese word for welcome)

Whenever I feel blue or restless, my mom would cook me any noodle soup that she could think of. I do not know why, but there is something magical in sipping a hearty bowl of noodle soup that satisfies me. But since I am away from home, and mom cannot cook for me, I know that I need to have a bowl of Phở here.

Through the clear glass, I can watch the handsome chef delicately prepare my Phở. It’s amazing how Troi Oi made it possible for customers to see the kitchen clean amidst the busy preparation kitchen staff.

I liked how the staff serves every customer. They are gentle and alert in assisting my needs, I wonder where they get their unlimited energy to smile. Well, I thought that every restaurant must have friendly staff like Troi Oi’s.

I can smell the aroma of various spices married in one bowl. Wondering what the separate bowl of fresh herbs is for? You shred them and top them off your Phở. Squeeze a little lemon if you wish.

I say, there is something different in Troi Oi’s Phở. One serving is just so generous. (I guess I can finish this all by myself, haha). 

The broth is earthy full of flavorful beef, and the taste lingers in my mouth. What makes Phở a Phở? It’s the quality of the noodles, baby. I am almost tempted in asking the chef where they bought the noodles here in Iloilo, but before I could speak another word, I finished off the entire bowl! There is just an unexplainable marriage of the sweet-and-sour beef broth and the fresh herbs and spices, plus the tender noodles in this Phở. Every ingredient is authentically Vietnamese!

Okay, I finished off a bowl of Phở, let alone my happy bulging tummy (haha).

I should be off for my class this afternoon, but law students will never forget to grab a cup of coffee before class *wink*. So, I took off with a sweet iced Vietnamese coffee.

I can’t move on, Troi Oi’s Phở is the bomb.

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