The Need to Become a Lawyer

Most of us young adults experience this what we call early mid-life crisis (I just made that up, haha)

I am now 25, and I am still in school. Well, in order to become a lawyer,ome has to go to law school so here I am juggling public service and law school all at once.

The question is: Why am I doing this?

On happiness.

It is important, that whatever you are pursuing right now, you are happy with it. Career-wise, you should be happy emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and your job pays good, right? But practical-wise, sometimes you can teach yourself to love your good-paying-job-but-with-unbearable-boss.

I like to drive fast from Mina to law school for classes. I also like that my schedule is oftentimes occupied. Yeah, I still long for chillax moments but I am happy pursuing further education. Should I be happy that my body is often tired at the end of the day? Perhaps not, but to keep being happy, you have to make sure that you sleep enough, eat healthy, and squeeze in some good moments with your boyfriend and family. That’s the reason why I make sure that as soon as I retire in my bed, I get 7 hours of sleep. Otherwise, my mood will be erratic by morning.

Happiness is not just a state of mind, it is also the state of your body. So give yourself more happiness by taking care of your body (plus, good laugh and sweet cuddles with boyfie).
On self-fulfillment.

It might seem that things are going well with me, but I feel like I still have tons of things I want to achieve. I think that’s normal. Because human desires are insatiable by nature.

Sometimes, bigtime challenges surprise me. Sometimes, crisis wake me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I do not even have social life. Sometimes, my scores in exams suck. But since I chose this life, I shall finish this.

I won’t stop and I will never stop until I become a lawyer.

*insert strong orchestra music*

What have you been pursuing at this point in your life?

You know that you are not alone in this journey. If you need some prayers with something that you are pursuing, or you also want to declare your goal to the public like I did in this post, or you just want to share your struggles. Like other girls do, you can always email me or leave a comment below, girl. I would be happy to be with you.

Sea Garden Iloilo: Coastal Getaway at 25

While we are looking for a peaceful place to celebrate my birthday, I initially thought of getting some vitamin sea on this day. But the comfort of an outdoor swimming pool is also on my list. So, why not get peace, comfort, and vitamin sea all in one place today?

Well, the Sea Garden Resort is located in Camangay Beach, Coastal Highway, Leganes, Iloilo. You can conveniently find this place since it is along the road. Plus, it is just 15 minutes away from the Iloilo City so you can always have a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.


The Sea Garden Resort features a wide infinity pool that stretches to the sea out looking the Guimaras Island. Oh, the idea of a perfect day is sipping a buko juice while staring the sea sparkle in the daylight. You bet, I found it here in Sea Garden!


This place is ideal for family gatherings and weekend getaways. It also has various amenities like the kiddie pool, a mid-sized pool for parties and events, a romantic pavilion with an ancient Greek theme, and canopy garden for a relaxed afternoon.



I noticed that the staff are very friendly and they exactly know their way around. They are willing to help around when you need something. Well, I guess that is just what makes a place worth visiting – great place and accommodating staff!

For our momshies who wish to get a relaxing spa and beauty treatment, Sea Garden also offers a wide array of beauty services through Perfect Elegance Wellness and Beauty Center.



Hotel Room Regular Rates as per July 2017

  1. Deluxe Room –     Php 2,400 / night –     2 Pax
  2. Family Room –     Php 3,400 / night –     4 Pax
  3. Family Suite –      Php 8,400 / night –      4 Pax
  4. Suite Room –        Php 6,000 / night –      2 Pax
  5. Exec. House –       Php 14,000 / night –    6 Pax
  6. Dorm Room –       Php 800/ pax/ night –  8 Pax

*Check-in time: 2PM, Check-out: 12 NN


Regular Swimming Rates as of July 2017:

  1. Adult
    • 5 Hours – Php 250
    • All Day – Php 350
  2. Kids
    • 5 Hours – Php 200
    • All Day – Php 300
  3. Cabana –  Php 350


Contact numbers:

  • (033) 393-4027 Hotel
  • (033) 396-4602 Sales
  • 09077232074 / 09163753883



Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Ola! For the past four weeks, I had been here and there and everywhere and I do not even know where to start sharing stories with you! But first, COFFEE!

I discovered a very nice place for your next solemn coffee time – Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant! One of the many restaurants along Iloilo Festive Walk strip in Megaworld.


Since I also have a thing with old, rustic wood interiors, and earth colors, I am definitely at home sipping a cup of coffee here! Every corner is instagrammable! Ask their friendly staff, I am impressed how they memorize every item in their menu. They exactly know what to recommend based on your preference.

A good place to catch up with friends. Randomly, I kidnapped mi Amor this morning to share a cup of coffee with me. (No ligo? No problem! Haha, I love you Amor)


How to get there, Rose?

Easy! there are jeepneys plying along Megaworld. From Jaro plaza, you can take San Miguel or Alimodian jeep. They are parked in Jaro Big Market, at the back of Jaro Cathedral.

Grab Taxi? Yes, Iloilo taxi drivers know where Iloilo Festive Walk is!


What should I order in Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant?

Since coffee is my purpose. Brewed coffee is my go to kickstart, but I felt a good kick with their Iced Honey Latte. Also please grab their Forget-Me-Not Latte.


They have their list of Aldea’s Special Blend:

Cafe Milano

Forget Me Not Latte

Happy Golden Latte

Honey Latte

Nutella Choco Fudge Latte

R18 Latte

Now grab your book, let’s get lost and sip a cup of coffee here at Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant, Iloilo Festive Walk!

Faith means surrender

Does it sound like another relationship post to you ladies? Haha, you bet, it is not!

Halfway through this month of October but it felt like I had been running miles away and had been distributing my body parts everywhere. It is our annual town fiesta celebration so it is one of the busiest months of the year.

This year was my second fiesta being a public servant and mind you, I had never been this fulfilled. Proposed the first ever Zumba Party, got the fund for my personal money, and everything just went in place because God is GREAT! I could have asked funding from the municipality, but I find it easier if I could just get it from mine. So I asked an organizer to help me with the event. Sent out sponsorship letters, transacted with the manager of the celebrity Zumba instructor, and met various people for the matters concerning the event (of course my parents helped me with some monetary consideration, haha). With barely three weeks to prepare, too little resources, too many challenges, and discouragements, my organizer and I survived!

A point came where I felt like I am losing my mind because my hands are too full to accommodate everything, plus law school stuff, plus I have to shell out a huge amount of money for revolving fund (without an assurance that it will be reimbursed). People who promised to help you didn’t show up. Some are just too happy to tear down your efforts in making things possible. And few individuals are just too frank to say that I am too ambitious in spearheading an event at a young age. My organizer almost quit because of too much pressure. So I gave up and gave it all to God.

During those times, I prayed harder and already thanked God for providing me with all my needs and strength. You know, when you thank God for the things that you are asking from Him even before you receive it – it means FAITH – and faith glorifies Him.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9

The moment you claim this promise, you immediately thank Him for granting that prayer because you believe that He will deliver.

It was a tough event, a tough decision to hold an event alone without appropriating a government fund. One night I prayed, thanking God for providing me with an additional fund to sustain necessary expenses for the said event. To my surprise, support kept coming and more people are helping in any way that they could.

You see, God smiles when you raise your hands and let him take the wheel – when you surrender to Him.