Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant

Ola! For the past four weeks, I had been here and there and everywhere and I do not even know where to start sharing stories with you! But first, COFFEE!

I discovered a very nice place for your next solemn coffee time – Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant! One of the many restaurants along Iloilo Festive Walk strip in Megaworld.


Since I also have a thing with old, rustic wood interiors, and earth colors, I am definitely at home sipping a cup of coffee here! Every corner is instagrammable! Ask their friendly staff, I am impressed how they memorize every item in their menu. They exactly know what to recommend based on your preference.

A good place to catch up with friends. Randomly, I kidnapped mi Amor this morning to share a cup of coffee with me. (No ligo? No problem! Haha, I love you Amor)


How to get there, Rose?

Easy! there are jeepneys plying along Megaworld. From Jaro plaza, you can take San Miguel or Alimodian jeep. They are parked in Jaro Big Market, at the back of Jaro Cathedral.

Grab Taxi? Yes, Iloilo taxi drivers know where Iloilo Festive Walk is!


What should I order in Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant?

Since coffee is my purpose. Brewed coffee is my go to kickstart, but I felt a good kick with their Iced Honey Latte. Also please grab their Forget-Me-Not Latte.


They have their list of Aldea’s Special Blend:

Cafe Milano

Forget Me Not Latte

Happy Golden Latte

Honey Latte

Nutella Choco Fudge Latte

R18 Latte

Now grab your book, let’s get lost and sip a cup of coffee here at Aldea’s Coffee Bar and Restaurant, Iloilo Festive Walk!

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