Affordable Christmas decorations in Iloilo City!

“Pumasok ako sa Unitop at ako’y biglang naging mandirigma.”

My younger sister and I were super excited to accompany Mama to shop in the most populated Christmas-decorations-shopping center – Unitop Iloilo!

It has been our tradition, as Filipinos, to buy new Christmas decorations every year.  Specifically, I noticed that every Ilonggo family has been accustomed na makipag gitgitan sa dami ng mamimili sa downtown area. “Mas gutok, mas masadya” ang peg. 

Dapat every year different theme color ang peg. From Christmas lights, to the Christmas balls, up to the pakabit-kabit nga garland sa balcony, dapat sabay sa color theme! Well, walang panira ng trip, so dakilang assistant kami kay mother who is really busy makipagdigmaan sa mga shoppers. Haha. 

You can actually find almost every kind of decorations in Unitop. They have artificial Christmas trees, garlands, gift wrappers, panregalo sa mga inaanaks, wreaths, poinsettia chu-chu, Santa Claus chu-chu, Christmas balls of various sizes and shapes, center table candles, LED lights, Christmas greetings para sa front door, and many more! Ikaw lang ang magsasawa kakapili. 

More shopping para sa aking Motherland for the most affordable prices in town! 

See how busy Mama is? Haha

You can actually budget around 500 pesos and you can have 4 sets of Christmas lights for 55 pesos each. Then you do not really need a new Christmas tree since you still have your old tree last year so you will just buy your garlands (ranges from 20 – 50 pesos depending sa design), and Christmas balls and pakabits (ranges from 10 – 30 pesos depending sa design and sizes). Plus, may pang “Merry Christmas” padikit ka pa sa front door mo (ranges from 20-50 pesos depending on the design). 

See? You still have sukli to buy fresh piaya sa Merzci beside Unitop! (Oh I’m drooling).

How can I get there, Rose?

Public transportation: Take any jeepney that would pass by the downtown area like Jaro CPU, Lapaz, SM City Proper, BO. Obrero, or Molo Baluarte. Please ask the driver if they are going towards downtown cos you might take the outgoing trips. 

Do not worry about getting lost because Ilonggos are very kind in giving you directions when you ask them kindly. *smiley*
Your Christmas decorations shopping doesn’t have to be very expensive like the mall prices. What is important is the essence of the season. 

Some of us, super bongga ang decors sa bahay, but it’s sad that they cannot even have any contentment and their families cannot even spend quality time together. 

Well, let us remind ourselves that the reason for this season is Jesus. Not about santa claus or expensive gifts and luxurious gala with your friends sa kung ano-anong festival meron jan then post it in facebook.

 It is also a season for sharing. Hopefully, isama ako ni Mama sa next niang pakikipagdigmaan sa downtown in buying afoordable but good quality gifts and isasama ko kayo! Haha.

Pumasok kang mandirigma sa Unitop, pero lalabas kang may ngiting tagumpay dahil ika’y nakatipid!

Masskara Chicken Inasal in Iloilo City

Probably the best idea when you and your friends want to go for a good kick of Pinoy Streetfood and inasal – head to Masskara Chicken Inasal here at Donato Pison Avenue in Mandurriao, Iloilo City!



My family went into a spontaneous Christmas shopping today. But I got more excited to drop by Masskara Chicken Inasal since it just opened here in Iloilo a few months ago. The restaurant is super cozy and it seems like the customers are always with their families and friends. Indeed, it is one of Ilonggos comfort food.


Plus, you won’t have to worry much because their menu is not intimidating. They have affordable, shareable dishes!


How to get there, Rose?

Public transportation: Just take any jeepney that traverses the Diversion Road. Masskara Chicken Inasal is located on the 2nd floor of Paragon Square Building at Donato Pison Avenue. It is near Atria District Park which is also a walking distance from SM City Iloilo.

You can also take Oton Derecho jeepney since it can drop you off in front of the building.

It is actually accessible so tag your friends along and just walk! (Haha)



What should I order in Masskara Chicken Inasal, Rose?

Their Sizzling Squid is a must-try. But if you ask their best seller? Of course, you ought to have Inasal! My family had Pork Sisig, Spareribs, Sizzling Squid, Baticolon and Atay. My parents loved them because it is not foreign to their tastebuds (they are that choosy, haha)

Oh and also, their Black Sambo is life!


Store hours of Masskara Chicken Inasal in Iloilo:

  • Monday – Thursday (10AM – 2PM | 5PM- 9PM)
  • Friday – Saturday (10AM – 2PM | 5PM – 10PM)
  • Sunday (10AM – 2PM | 5PM – 9:30PM)


Kapatid, masyadong instagrammable eto.


So when that most difficult question “WHERE TO EAT?” pops up in your group conversations, you know what to suggest!


Let me chat my friends first for another Masskara Chicken Inasal tomorrow. *wink*

You don’t get tired of TRYING

Yours is a different story. Time has swiftly taken the night away from you leaving troubles and anxieties. Hope seems thinner than a cold summer night. Wishing time could tick back to the time when you had everything well and good.

Time took away brilliant ideas and hints of becoming on the pedestal in your industry. But yours is not just a game of chance. Your story does not end where people you once value left you.

Repeatedly you fail, but do you mind trying again in this life?

Look around you. There are a lot of people who would die for you. But you might not see nor hear their silent scream for your success.

You were made to stand stronger over and over again. People will doubt your worth, but never forget you ought to please One audience.

Give yourself a second chance (for the nth time).

Why I am taking a break AGAIN

In my previous post, I mentioned about taking the fast lane and keep up that swift pacing because simply, that’s the purpose of the lane. But would it be wise to prioritize what others think about you being on the pedestal?

This might sound hilarious to those persons whom I entrusted what I truly felt but who are quick to judge my plan of taking a break again from law school. Am I in a hurry because it is what I want, or am I just in a hurry because the people who came before me, need my strong credentials. Since I have big shoes to fill in, I need to double time and do everything I can to meet up their demands in the next election. I need to do this and that, finish this and that, without even taking a pause to ask God if this is what He wants in my life.

Oftentimes, we become quick in deciding on important matters because we think that we got it all under control. We forget to ask God: “Is this what you want Lord?” or “Are these things in line with my value as a Christian?”

When we fall into the repercussions of our faulty decisions, because we did not really pray about it first, we blame ‘God, why are you letting this happen to me?’ or sometimes we blame others for the turnout of our decisions. The truth is, your financial distress, your toxic romantic relationship, your diet-related illness, your mismatched career, or your poor academic performance is the result of you not putting God at the center of your life.

Today, I woke up and realized I still want to become a lawyer, but maybe I need to realign my values first and realign my priorities in life first. Acknowledging that I have put so much time and effort into building a relationship that is not really ready for commitment is like creating an idol in my life. It has somehow blinded me from seeing that I still have a life separate and distinct from my significant other. Though, I am not ashamed of my haphazard decisions about that, I am happy that I experienced pain and discomfort at a certain level because I am constantly learning from it.

For now, I just would like to savor this moment. Repent of my sins and disobedience. Take a break and review. Most especially, drive to the places where we could have gone (together).

What decisions have you been struggling of this week?


The dream that remains a dream

We all share some stories of our hearts desires that came not to be. Some have been replaced by a new dream. Some.have died a natural death.

While everyone else is moving forward in the fast lane. I too made suddenly swerved to the fast lane where everybody is ought to keep a certain speed. To my surprise I have passed through the beautiful view of the sunset. 

What have I done to my mindful journey?

What about tomorrow?

Sweet calls of yesterdays haunt us. Some have their darkest hours kept shadowing on them.

What can fame and success do to us when eventually we will be lost and empty. Yesterday I saw the hopes and dreams of others hovering around me, keeping awake in the night trying to snoop its way into my doorstep. Today, I woke up and it has been 4 years that I am living in those hopes and dreams. I am bound to finish what they have started. Now could there be possible ways to back off?

Autopilot decisions came one by one, awaiting the pitfall of my infirmities. Where have we gone my beautiful mind? Distress and anxieties hide in the closet like a boogeyman every morning as I prepare for work. Of flesh and bones, I grew weaker. Could there be any good timing to run against this?

People will raise their brows. Some beloved might even leave you for not pursuing the fame and success. Let them stand on their decision.

But what about tomorrow? I surrender Lord.

Deep Breaths

Mindfulness. We often hear this and felt like we badly need it in our lives. We need it in this noisy and chaotic world where everyone says something about anything.

We get lost in the crowd. Sometimes, we get disconnected with our inner calling. We get too entertained by all the apps that the society can offer. We get instant isolation through the earpods that come handy in our pockets. We shut down every single human conversation in exchange for the glowing screen that mesmerizes us.

It is too noisy right now. I got lost in the wonders of the adventures out there, beyond my reach, beyond my sight, beyond the commerce of men. It is too noisy right here – in the depths of my core. Somehow I ended up here. Broken.

I may never understand that my broken heart is a part of His greater plan. Sometimes its hard to count all the joys when all I have is hurt and prayers that are lost for words.

Distracted by all the noises, wandered too far where I can barely see the road. But I know He sees me. He hears me. Goodness that He has in store. So I raise my hands ‘cos I can no longer continue steering the wheel from this point forward.

Deep breaths. I am no longer a part of this noise.