Deep Breaths

Mindfulness. We often hear this and felt like we badly need it in our lives. We need it in this noisy and chaotic world where everyone says something about anything.

We get lost in the crowd. Sometimes, we get disconnected with our inner calling. We get too entertained by all the apps that the society can offer. We get instant isolation through the earpods that come handy in our pockets. We shut down every single human conversation in exchange for the glowing screen that mesmerizes us.

It is too noisy right now. I got lost in the wonders of the adventures out there, beyond my reach, beyond my sight, beyond the commerce of men. It is too noisy right here – in the depths of my core. Somehow I ended up here. Broken.

I may never understand that my broken heart is a part of His greater plan. Sometimes its hard to count all the joys when all I have is hurt and prayers that are lost for words.

Distracted by all the noises, wandered too far where I can barely see the road. But I know He sees me. He hears me. Goodness that He has in store. So I raise my hands ‘cos I can no longer continue steering the wheel from this point forward.

Deep breaths. I am no longer a part of this noise.

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