What about tomorrow?

Sweet calls of yesterdays haunt us. Some have their darkest hours kept shadowing on them.

What can fame and success do to us when eventually we will be lost and empty. Yesterday I saw the hopes and dreams of others hovering around me, keeping awake in the night trying to snoop its way into my doorstep. Today, I woke up and it has been 4 years that I am living in those hopes and dreams. I am bound to finish what they have started. Now could there be possible ways to back off?

Autopilot decisions came one by one, awaiting the pitfall of my infirmities. Where have we gone my beautiful mind? Distress and anxieties hide in the closet like a boogeyman every morning as I prepare for work. Of flesh and bones, I grew weaker. Could there be any good timing to run against this?

People will raise their brows. Some beloved might even leave you for not pursuing the fame and success. Let them stand on their decision.

But what about tomorrow? I surrender Lord.

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