Affordable Christmas decorations in Iloilo City!

“Pumasok ako sa Unitop at ako’y biglang naging mandirigma.”

My younger sister and I were super excited to accompany Mama to shop in the most populated Christmas-decorations-shopping center – Unitop Iloilo!

It has been our tradition, as Filipinos, to buy new Christmas decorations every year.  Specifically, I noticed that every Ilonggo family has been accustomed na makipag gitgitan sa dami ng mamimili sa downtown area. “Mas gutok, mas masadya” ang peg. 

Dapat every year different theme color ang peg. From Christmas lights, to the Christmas balls, up to the pakabit-kabit nga garland sa balcony, dapat sabay sa color theme! Well, walang panira ng trip, so dakilang assistant kami kay mother who is really busy makipagdigmaan sa mga shoppers. Haha. 

You can actually find almost every kind of decorations in Unitop. They have artificial Christmas trees, garlands, gift wrappers, panregalo sa mga inaanaks, wreaths, poinsettia chu-chu, Santa Claus chu-chu, Christmas balls of various sizes and shapes, center table candles, LED lights, Christmas greetings para sa front door, and many more! Ikaw lang ang magsasawa kakapili. 

More shopping para sa aking Motherland for the most affordable prices in town! 

See how busy Mama is? Haha

You can actually budget around 500 pesos and you can have 4 sets of Christmas lights for 55 pesos each. Then you do not really need a new Christmas tree since you still have your old tree last year so you will just buy your garlands (ranges from 20 – 50 pesos depending sa design), and Christmas balls and pakabits (ranges from 10 – 30 pesos depending sa design and sizes). Plus, may pang “Merry Christmas” padikit ka pa sa front door mo (ranges from 20-50 pesos depending on the design). 

See? You still have sukli to buy fresh piaya sa Merzci beside Unitop! (Oh I’m drooling).

How can I get there, Rose?

Public transportation: Take any jeepney that would pass by the downtown area like Jaro CPU, Lapaz, SM City Proper, BO. Obrero, or Molo Baluarte. Please ask the driver if they are going towards downtown cos you might take the outgoing trips. 

Do not worry about getting lost because Ilonggos are very kind in giving you directions when you ask them kindly. *smiley*
Your Christmas decorations shopping doesn’t have to be very expensive like the mall prices. What is important is the essence of the season. 

Some of us, super bongga ang decors sa bahay, but it’s sad that they cannot even have any contentment and their families cannot even spend quality time together. 

Well, let us remind ourselves that the reason for this season is Jesus. Not about santa claus or expensive gifts and luxurious gala with your friends sa kung ano-anong festival meron jan then post it in facebook.

 It is also a season for sharing. Hopefully, isama ako ni Mama sa next niang pakikipagdigmaan sa downtown in buying afoordable but good quality gifts and isasama ko kayo! Haha.

Pumasok kang mandirigma sa Unitop, pero lalabas kang may ngiting tagumpay dahil ika’y nakatipid!

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