Endless beginnings

Ladies, please allow me to take a journey off to somewhere this holiday season. I am taking an adventure that I had been postponing this year. I don’t have much to say, but I am praying that when I come back, I could plant the seed on the right soil so it will bear fruits.

Please pray for me. I too will keep praying for you, my readers, as I take weeks or maybe months off from all the noise.

Thank you, and you know that I always end every post with

PRAY even if it’s painful

Many of us would like to run away to a far place when we feel hurt or someone hurt us. Some would just want to just get by the days and shake off the pain. Others, read a lot of motivational books that teach humans how to psyche up their selves and act like nothing is wrong. As for me, I like to get lost on a new road and wander for a bit.

Probably, how we deal with pain and suffering is very subjective. It depends on how one would like their journey to be. I made a decision that I cannot take back, it kept me tied up for more than a year now and every day I wake up with a pinch of pain wishing I could have gone a different path when I had a chance before. Today, I see same faces, taking in the same hurt, bearing the same situation, but I HAVE HOPE.

A hope that every pain is worth a lesson. Every person who has hurt me is worth forgiving. Every unkind word spoken to me makes me stronger. I never wish for someone to grow old and cold because of my mistakes. I know, I have made unbearable mistakes in the past, but my prayers are not left unheard.




“Easier said than done, Rose,” he said to me. But what makes it more painful is when you keep seeking wisdom from the wrong source. You seek human wisdom in order to psyche yourself up and feel like everything is okay. The truth is, God is waiting for you to tell Him how painful it is. Though He knows everything about you, He knows every pain and joy that you feel, He wants you to tell Him what you need.

Pray more when in pain.


The Procession of Images

Everyone else is wearing their purple and red hooded cape. Barely I can see anyone else’s face. A familiar scene where some are holding images and carriage of statues. Walking slowly, I found myself in the procession, blending into the crowd.

There is not much spectators on the road, rather all was dim and the silhouette of the church building with candles lit all over the facade. I gazed upon the heavens and the moon was full. Trying to get out of the endless procession, something was pulling me back into the line. I cannot get out.

Oh, I recognized one face, he too was confused about what’s happening. I called upon his name, a name that is so dear to me. “Darling,” I said. He heard me, looked to me and was delighted. He ran past through the others and tried to reach his hand to me.

Suddenly, the procession was virtually fading into the darkness. All was left was a straight, empty path before me. Seems endless, and uncertain.

Then he woke me up. Its 3:29AM. I need to open the door.