Beach Therapy: Why do I like quiet sunsets

Beach and sunsets are both beautiful.

Whenever there is an opportunity to pull over and stare at the mighty sun setting on the horizon, I never hesitate to stop and breathe in its majestic view. Lazy afternoons where all I feel is the muscle stress brought about by marathon events and programs in our small town became a spontaneous road trip to a place where I always find refuge.

Quiet sunsets in this place bring back many happy and sad yesterdays. This place had witnessed the best of me, and the saddest tears I could ever shed. I am grateful though that God had been pouring out His gracious mercy and help in this stage of moving forward. I had been sad for the past year and been trying to get back on my feet. Thankfully, I am now accepting that some good relationships also need to come to an end. We cannot force something if it is not meant.

All the public service works had been immensely helping me to keep my mind away from hurtful thoughts. People in the barangays are giving me enough strength to create more ripples in the community. The past weeks had been hectic for me. My calendar for February is fully-booked! Believe it or not, there is a single day that I do not have a schedule, but a lot of opportunities to mingle and immerse in the community are at hand. So I cannot miss the chance to reach out.

God allows us to meet new friends and bring some people from the past to give us new hope and appreciate our efforts every waking hour. New friends who would be willing to take random road trips with us and tell random stories without pretention. People who are not afraid of their past. They build us up through strong friendship and pursuing common interests.

Moving forward stage is not an easy road, but it will be worth it.

I like quiet sunsets by the beach because it mirrors the wonderful hope that awaits me tomorrow. I do not know how long I could still witness sunsets, but I am grateful that I have today and it is worth it.

What is your story of moving forward?

Nozomi Japanese Restaurant, Lapaz Iloilo

“I crave for Sashimi”, out of the blue he uttered.

While there are several Japanese restaurants around Iloilo City where you can have that soft, sweet, fresh Sashimi, nothing beats the affordability and authentic Japanese dishes in Nozomi!

Honestly, I am not really into Japanese food aside from the classic Gyoza (seriously, haha), but I am always excited to try something new. Thus, Nozomi!





It is a small restaurant but the atmosphere is authentic. It is very cozy and the staff is terrific in assisting us with our needs. They also have these cool double-deck type cubicles where you can dine crossed-legged position like Japanese!

How to get there, Rose?

From the Iloilo City proper, take a Lapaz La Granja Jeep. It will take you directly in front of the building of Nozomi. Fare: 7pesos (regular), 5pesos (student / SC)

What should I order at Nozomi?

Get your Japanese cravings satisfied. They have a good and affordable menu, but I suggest you try their Ramen and Sashimi. Oh, they’re really good! Plus, try their matcha green tea! Oh my!




You can check out the facebook account of Nozomi for more information.


Sandcastles: It’s okay to aspire, just do it!

Was it a bad idea to play in the sand even if I am turning 26 this year?

Well, I guess there is no limit in building aspirations. As long as you are doing something to realize them. Some of us had been making a lot of excuses in starting our passion projects. Others are just too scared so they blame others for not helping them. While you are busy looking back on your “what-ifs” in life.

Just drop the drama and move forward.

The more you tell yourself that you are one hell of a failure, the more that your body believes that you cannot fulfill your goals. The more you blame others for your decisions in life, all the more that you will not accept that you are bound to do better things tomorrow.

People around you will help when they see that you are honest in making positive changes in your life. Some will even drop their stuff just to help you carry your cross. But sometimes, you become ungrateful and blame them that they are not helping much that is why you can’t materialize your whatever aspirations. Do not count the things that they are not giving up just because you have your crap all over the place. The truth is, they are willing to help, but you are just too negative to think that they are not.

This is to encourage you that you are your own inspiration. Get up and begin where you left your work. There is no use in rebooting whatever disbelief you have inside you when you keep doing the same mistake over and over again. You have to accept that YOU DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO RESET BUTTON in life.

Stop screaming to yourself that you are an old, lonely, wicked man because you might later wake up that you have truly become one. Affirm yourself often when you have done something great.

Big decisions in life are accompanied by huge responsibilities. Own it.

This time, I might make some changes around here on my site and in my career priorities. No more holding on to hopeless devotions and unrealistic relationships. I am done proving myself to ungrateful people.

To a more kind, loving, grateful, beautiful you!

Let me hear your sandcastle thoughts! Leave me a message today. 🙂

Frightened that one day…

One with the waters again today. I am not sure though how the sea constantly calls me to stare and breathe one with it.

Waves come closer and closer til I remember the feeling of being here the last time, last year – on my birthday. I was with him. His face mirrors on the calm clear water. I recognize the face, I recognize his name, I recognize how beautiful he was.

We were beautiful for quite few years. We were.

Finishing the title of this post seems a little daunting. Let thy silent breaths utter those words that seem screaming from the inside.

Frightened that one day… One day…

The Spirit is Willing: yes, you can be better!

You only get one chance at this life, make it worthwhile.

Deciding to become better tomorrow will surely not happen. I just had my alarm at 6AM but snoozed it up until 8AM. Now, I only have few minutes left to prepare for a meeting. Instead of cramming, I sat and write this to you.

Some of you are going through some tough roads in your life, others are still just getting by. There are not many powerful mantras I could teach to make you feel better, but I know that when you believe that you are better today, surely, you can make positive outlook today.

I do not want to hurt people around me anymore. Nor hold on to those who are fine without me. Because at the end of the day, I would demand so much that I could hurt them again. So I just want to disappear into their lives. It will be better off this way.

I am no reverse psychology crap but all I want is not to hurt anyone anymore.

Today, I am better, and so are you!


Social Media Grandeur

It’s funny how a human can be successful in relieving his past through all the social media grandeur thing that he does.

Probably, all of us are trying to prove ourselves in this world. Especially to the people in our past. Those people we have hurt in our past. Those people in the past who expected so much from us. Those people whose hearts we broke because of an impulsive MISTAKE.

Years have passed by and yet here you are, still breathing in the shackles of your ex. Trying to prove yourself to her and to her friends that you made a wrong decision in choosing another girl. You wanted to feed their egos that they were right, and you were wrong. And that up to this day, your present was your greatest mistake. A time came when you were so close at jumping over the fence to make it up to them, but you lost it because sht happens.

Someone told me today: “let a man wear a mask and he will reveal his true self.”

There is no one stopping you. Be reserved for whoever you are looking forward to in the future, or let social media broadcast your unending agony of not being able to move on.

In today’s world, things are made possible through social media. You can be a cool kid online, yet live a life of anger and resentment. You can ,at the same time, be a sorrower online, yet live an unapologetic life. And you can be single online, yet hid behind closed doors with someone else.

Whatever social media grandeur you are in now, own it, friend. At the end of the day, are you really being honest and happy?

Ramen Choi and Red Curry House, Tigbauan Iloilo

We like to go on random road trips and find some new place to feed our souls. But today, we ventured in checking out this new thing in Tigbauan they say – Ramen Choi and Red Curry House

Driving all the way from the city, the resto can easily be located. It’s in Brgy. Buyu-an, Tigbauan, Iloilo. Along the highway, near SEAFDEC. You won’t get lost, I promise!


The place is actually cool. The facilities are clean, and the interiors looks refreshing. The waiters are wearing shirts with “Annyeong Haseyo” print. Was that Korean?



Anyway, we had Beef Tantanmen and Pork Dumplings. Since we are not into spicy thing really.



Yes, the serving is generous. The beef tantanmen tastes okay, but not authentic. I had a few authentic Japanese restaurants around Iloilo so I can barely find any authenticity in the soup or noodles on this tantanmen. Even the slices of crab meat are store-bought only. And the noodles are local meke-batchoy. Filipino version of Tantanmen perhaps. The pork dumplings are also okay, but not authentic – nothing special.

I am a little particular with the beverages, always. I don’t really like soda and powdered iced tea or any powdered juices, so the often choice is fresh lemonade or fresh calamansi. I asked if the lemonade in the menu is fresh (real fruit extracts), and the waiter said YES. It was sad though when he served it, oh my. It was powdered lemonade with two slices of lemon! I got sad of course, but maybe because we got our expectations really high since we drove a long way for this.

How to get there Rose?

Public transportation:

  • Just take any of the following jeepneys: Guimbal, San Joaquin, Miag-ao.
  • Tell the konduktor to drop you off in Brgy. Buyu-an, Ramen Choi.

What should I order?

  • One bowl of noodle soup is around 120-180.
  • Hmmm, it is hard to recommend actually, but I guess you should go for some Ramen? Since it was supposedly a Japanese Restaurant.

It was a good try Ramen Choi! Now, let’s drive back to the city!