Ramen Choi and Red Curry House, Tigbauan Iloilo

We like to go on random road trips and find some new place to feed our souls. But today, we ventured in checking out this new thing in Tigbauan they say – Ramen Choi and Red Curry House

Driving all the way from the city, the resto can easily be located. It’s in Brgy. Buyu-an, Tigbauan, Iloilo. Along the highway, near SEAFDEC. You won’t get lost, I promise!


The place is actually cool. The facilities are clean, and the interiors looks refreshing. The waiters are wearing shirts with “Annyeong Haseyo” print. Was that Korean?



Anyway, we had Beef Tantanmen and Pork Dumplings. Since we are not into spicy thing really.



Yes, the serving is generous. The beef tantanmen tastes okay, but not authentic. I had a few authentic Japanese restaurants around Iloilo so I can barely find any authenticity in the soup or noodles on this tantanmen. Even the slices of crab meat are store-bought only. And the noodles are local meke-batchoy. Filipino version of Tantanmen perhaps. The pork dumplings are also okay, but not authentic – nothing special.

I am a little particular with the beverages, always. I don’t really like soda and powdered iced tea or any powdered juices, so the often choice is fresh lemonade or fresh calamansi. I asked if the lemonade in the menu is fresh (real fruit extracts), and the waiter said YES. It was sad though when he served it, oh my. It was powdered lemonade with two slices of lemon! I got sad of course, but maybe because we got our expectations really high since we drove a long way for this.

How to get there Rose?

Public transportation:

  • Just take any of the following jeepneys: Guimbal, San Joaquin, Miag-ao.
  • Tell the konduktor to drop you off in Brgy. Buyu-an, Ramen Choi.

What should I order?

  • One bowl of noodle soup is around 120-180.
  • Hmmm, it is hard to recommend actually, but I guess you should go for some Ramen? Since it was supposedly a Japanese Restaurant.

It was a good try Ramen Choi! Now, let’s drive back to the city!

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