Social Media Grandeur

It’s funny how a human can be successful in relieving his past through all the social media grandeur thing that he does.

Probably, all of us are trying to prove ourselves in this world. Especially to the people in our past. Those people we have hurt in our past. Those people in the past who expected so much from us. Those people whose hearts we broke because of an impulsive MISTAKE.

Years have passed by and yet here you are, still breathing in the shackles of your ex. Trying to prove yourself to her and to her friends that you made a wrong decision in choosing another girl. You wanted to feed their egos that they were right, and you were wrong. And that up to this day, your present was your greatest mistake. A time came when you were so close at jumping over the fence to make it up to them, but you lost it because sht happens.

Someone told me today: “let a man wear a mask and he will reveal his true self.”

There is no one stopping you. Be reserved for whoever you are looking forward to in the future, or let social media broadcast your unending agony of not being able to move on.

In today’s world, things are made possible through social media. You can be a cool kid online, yet live a life of anger and resentment. You can ,at the same time, be a sorrower online, yet live an unapologetic life. And you can be single online, yet hid behind closed doors with someone else.

Whatever social media grandeur you are in now, own it, friend. At the end of the day, are you really being honest and happy?

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