The Spirit is Willing: yes, you can be better!

You only get one chance at this life, make it worthwhile.

Deciding to become better tomorrow will surely not happen. I just had my alarm at 6AM but snoozed it up until 8AM. Now, I only have few minutes left to prepare for a meeting. Instead of cramming, I sat and write this to you.

Some of you are going through some tough roads in your life, others are still just getting by. There are not many powerful mantras I could teach to make you feel better, but I know that when you believe that you are better today, surely, you can make positive outlook today.

I do not want to hurt people around me anymore. Nor hold on to those who are fine without me. Because at the end of the day, I would demand so much that I could hurt them again. So I just want to disappear into their lives. It will be better off this way.

I am no reverse psychology crap but all I want is not to hurt anyone anymore.

Today, I am better, and so are you!


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