Sandcastles: It’s okay to aspire, just do it!

Was it a bad idea to play in the sand even if I am turning 26 this year?

Well, I guess there is no limit in building aspirations. As long as you are doing something to realize them. Some of us had been making a lot of excuses in starting our passion projects. Others are just too scared so they blame others for not helping them. While you are busy looking back on your “what-ifs” in life.

Just drop the drama and move forward.

The more you tell yourself that you are one hell of a failure, the more that your body believes that you cannot fulfill your goals. The more you blame others for your decisions in life, all the more that you will not accept that you are bound to do better things tomorrow.

People around you will help when they see that you are honest in making positive changes in your life. Some will even drop their stuff just to help you carry your cross. But sometimes, you become ungrateful and blame them that they are not helping much that is why you can’t materialize your whatever aspirations. Do not count the things that they are not giving up just because you have your crap all over the place. The truth is, they are willing to help, but you are just too negative to think that they are not.

This is to encourage you that you are your own inspiration. Get up and begin where you left your work. There is no use in rebooting whatever disbelief you have inside you when you keep doing the same mistake over and over again. You have to accept that YOU DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO RESET BUTTON in life.

Stop screaming to yourself that you are an old, lonely, wicked man because you might later wake up that you have truly become one. Affirm yourself often when you have done something great.

Big decisions in life are accompanied by huge responsibilities. Own it.

This time, I might make some changes around here on my site and in my career priorities. No more holding on to hopeless devotions and unrealistic relationships. I am done proving myself to ungrateful people.

To a more kind, loving, grateful, beautiful you!

Let me hear your sandcastle thoughts! Leave me a message today. 🙂

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