Beach Therapy: Why do I like quiet sunsets

Beach and sunsets are both beautiful.

Whenever there is an opportunity to pull over and stare at the mighty sun setting on the horizon, I never hesitate to stop and breathe in its majestic view. Lazy afternoons where all I feel is the muscle stress brought about by marathon events and programs in our small town became a spontaneous road trip to a place where I always find refuge.

Quiet sunsets in this place bring back many happy and sad yesterdays. This place had witnessed the best of me, and the saddest tears I could ever shed. I am grateful though that God had been pouring out His gracious mercy and help in this stage of moving forward. I had been sad for the past year and been trying to get back on my feet. Thankfully, I am now accepting that some good relationships also need to come to an end. We cannot force something if it is not meant.

All the public service works had been immensely helping me to keep my mind away from hurtful thoughts. People in the barangays are giving me enough strength to create more ripples in the community. The past weeks had been hectic for me. My calendar for February is fully-booked! Believe it or not, there is a single day that I do not have a schedule, but a lot of opportunities to mingle and immerse in the community are at hand. So I cannot miss the chance to reach out.

God allows us to meet new friends and bring some people from the past to give us new hope and appreciate our efforts every waking hour. New friends who would be willing to take random road trips with us and tell random stories without pretention. People who are not afraid of their past. They build us up through strong friendship and pursuing common interests.

Moving forward stage is not an easy road, but it will be worth it.

I like quiet sunsets by the beach because it mirrors the wonderful hope that awaits me tomorrow. I do not know how long I could still witness sunsets, but I am grateful that I have today and it is worth it.

What is your story of moving forward?

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