Nozomi Japanese Restaurant, Lapaz Iloilo

“I crave for Sashimi”, out of the blue he uttered.

While there are several Japanese restaurants around Iloilo City where you can have that soft, sweet, fresh Sashimi, nothing beats the affordability and authentic Japanese dishes in Nozomi!

Honestly, I am not really into Japanese food aside from the classic Gyoza (seriously, haha), but I am always excited to try something new. Thus, Nozomi!





It is a small restaurant but the atmosphere is authentic. It is very cozy and the staff is terrific in assisting us with our needs. They also have these cool double-deck type cubicles where you can dine crossed-legged position like Japanese!

How to get there, Rose?

From the Iloilo City proper, take a Lapaz La Granja Jeep. It will take you directly in front of the building of Nozomi. Fare: 7pesos (regular), 5pesos (student / SC)

What should I order at Nozomi?

Get your Japanese cravings satisfied. They have a good and affordable menu, but I suggest you try their Ramen and Sashimi. Oh, they’re really good! Plus, try their matcha green tea! Oh my!




You can check out the facebook account of Nozomi for more information.


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