On politics: the dilemma of being in the middle of clashing personal agenda

There are several reasons why I want to keep serving as a local legislator in our small municipality. One of them is that I get to create laws and ordinances that would create a positive impact and general welfare in the community. It is cool to learn various rules in drafting local laws. I actually find it more interesting to write a draft and have my mentor critique my work, this way I could at least be comfortable with my own style.

In my first term as a Sangguniang Bayan Member (konsehal or councilor), I was assigned as the chairperson on Committee on Education and Tourism, Committee on Housing and Land Use, and Committee on Youth and Sports. These three are among those tagged as ‘critical committees’ because they entail huge responsibilities and they usually have more activities compared to other minor committees. Indeed, they need extra work and extra effort in learning their system.

Sometimes, I get to converse with some of my young co-legislators in other municipalities. We share experiences and learning being councilors.

“It’s hard to keep the harmony among your colleagues in the council when everyone wants to climb up the stairs and be in a higher position for the next election.”

“I do not know how to react when the person whom I am answerable to asks me to do something which I know would ruin another person’s dignity.”

“I am not sure whom should I trust.”

Well I guess, being a young politician entails great courage to stand your ground and at the same time keep the ground fair for everyone. Personally, I was not pre-conditioned to become a politician. Nor my parents trained me to have good tactics in enriching myself at the expense of others. Since the day I took an oath in serving as a public servant, I just knew that I should protect the people who entrusted me this official function.

Lately, I had been faced with a dilemma between following orders and protecting my constituents. Should I immediately submit to the orders and please the persons above me, or should I disobey and make alternative routes in resolving issues. The latter would create a level ground for fair judgement, but it may displease authorities.

I ain’t a righteous person, but I desire to make decisions based on what I know is right. Not stabbing another person behind their back. I know less about using powers to get everything on my side, but I do not want other people to use me to get what they want at the expense of others.

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