Move on and get rid of memorable stuff

Hey lady,

I know it has been hard for you to keep your mind off your ex, but it is quite normal for you to feel a little tinge of nostalgia when you remember him in some hours of the day. Well, I know that you try to be in your most productive self by keeping yourself busy all day long. In pursuit of moving on and forgetting the guy who first forgot about you, there is this one tip that I would like to share with you today.

It is not a promise of an instant feeling of amnesia, but it is a helpful way to gradually move on from his memories. Just to make a point, I am not saying you should curse your ex and hate him every single day because I believe that most of the romantic relationships were good when it lasted.

My last romantic relationship didn’t really end well and it is still hanging. But we can’t keep ourselves tied to something that has a potential to become better when we end it at this point. I believe he has a great future ahead without me in his life. He has a lot of dreams and aspirations, but he has to go out on his own while I, too, should make myself become a better woman.

Anyway, it would help you move forward if you get rid of his stuff in your life. Like tangible things that he has given you or you both have. Those twinning caps, twinning shirts, his shirts in your closet, those enormous teddy bears he gave on your anniversary, those love letters you keep in a special box, and those sweet photos on your phone.

Believe me, this is one good way of helping yourself move on. While I actually packed all the stuff inside my room that reminds me of him, I prayed before I did it. I prayed that God will not put a hateful heart in me, rather He will bless my ex and me in moving forward and live a more intentional life separately.

It will be a little dramatic or you might feel a little lump in your throat while getting rid of those things, but be brave sis. You know that a lot of girls here can listen to you.

You can leave me an email and tell me how your packing went. I would love to hear your stories. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Move on and get rid of memorable stuff

  1. I agree to this…i did the same…i used to have her photo on the wall of my room…till i decided one day that it’s not helping me move on in any way… just a few weeks after doing so i met this very wonderful woman that made me feel that I am still capable of showing affection…that i was more than ready already…and that i can also be given affection at the same time… she’s awesome AF and id be the luckiest if she’s gonna stick around…

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    • Awwwwe, i could really relate to this Popoy. I would agree to your point that moving on is a decision. It is not just some kind of magical feeling that would come down from heaven in the most uncertain time.
      I am proud and happy for you Popoy! You know, I am praying for you to grow more in love everyday. 🙂

      Love, Rose.


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