Molo Plaza: a child-like heart to play

Rarely you can find a person whom you can pursue deeper level of conversations and who is also in the same level of being a child-at-heart like you.

Ferdinand is creating a bigger picture of what I had been missing in my life all this time – the heart of gratitude.

Our random city roadtrips take us to random places where we could eat and play. While we were done with our individual reading lists, we took Moana (my car, yes I named my car Moana, haha) to Molo Plaza.

“It has been ages ago since I last played in a children’s park like this!”, he said.

“Me too”, while my eyes welled up in little tears of joy.

Who could imagine that we both shared loud laughs and amusement more than the toddlers who were also there!

Indeed we should let go of the inhibitions that we have inside us. They do not just destroy our vision of our tomorrows, but also create a regretful heart in us.

Today, do not be afraid to do something that you really like to do when you were a kid. *wink*

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