Are you happy with your own skin?

We all live in today’s world where people will say a lot about how to live your life. What choices you should make, or whom you should be with.

Well, I guess those judgers will forever be there and will always resort to saying cruel things about your decisions. You do not have to fret about pleasing people around you because at the end of the day, you are happy with your own skin.

Last year, I have lived with so much fear of losing love. I have fearfully lived trying to please people who are just taking me for granted. I have lived in such a miserable cycle of emotional and spiritual instability. I have lived in someone else’s shadow and lose myself in return. I have not been happy with my own skin.

Today, I woke up with a joy in my heart. Finally, I have decided to do something without any fear of pleasing people. I deliberately choose to surround myself with people who are not insecure about their own skin.

I love late night conversations with Ferdinand.

You see, you cannot live your life according to the whim of other people. It is your life, it is your choice. There will be confusion, chaos, unforseen circumstances, loss, failure, and misery, but God will always be greater than any of your challenges. Never forget that.

Are you happy with your own skin?

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