Create more space: deleting memories and make new valuable ones

In pursuit of wanting more memory space on my laptop, I am trying to delete old photos and clips with bad faces and all lies. Oh, bad memories consume a lot of precious space on my device which clutters my working space.

I am clearing out every single piece of the kilobyte of unwanted faces of people who just take-random-women-on-their-bike-and-frantically-look-for-a-motel-but-never-find-one-so-he-took-that-random-woman-to-his-place-for-a-ten-minute-satisfaction. It is taking a disgusting amount of space in my memory, thus RECYCLE BIN and delete forever.

Now I got to value every new memory I make with people who are important to me. People who have actual brains and who are actually using their brains.

Well, I have led to the conclusion that all the files and the enormous memory they consume here on my device are all worthless and deception. Deleting and cleaning up your memory space is good. It lessens the lag and increases the performance of your device. As part of my regular decluttering, I am faced with the time it will consume to go over each folder and decide whether I should keep it or not.

Remember when you are in doubt whether you should hold on to a certain file or photo or clip, take a deep breath and press DELETE.

Let’s have more of real people and less of liars. Life is too short to waste time on people who do not have a goal in life.


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