You only live once

Yesterday you were happy. All the rainbows and unicorn flutter above your head. People adore you and would want to be by your side. You were incredibly a master of all trades. Success and fame are all within arm’s reach, you say what you want, you get people on your side, you make a hell lot with your day job, you make girls swoon over you, in a snap of a finger you can take random women on your bike and bring them home for a quick wild f*ck and make things work in all your favor. Yesterday was a beautiful history that put you exactly where you stand right now. All the decisions, all the mistakes, all the emotions, all the mishaps, challenges, and fortune lead you to this day.

Today you lament over your misfortune. All the monsters within you awaken as you realized things weren’t as pretty as they were yesterday. Change had always been constant. People are just human like you, they also get tired of raising you up from your sea of insecurities. You made yourself believe that you are the victim of everyone else’s decision. A delusion that people used you, abused you and made fun out of you seeped into the very depths of your core. Now you are a walking beast awaiting to destroy every person who saved you from drowning yesterday. You got consumed with the victim role that you stand as a puppet of anger and depression, lost, empty, but never admitting that you need a God in your life.

Tomorrow might not come. You might not see the light of the little ray of hope that awaits the pleasure of your revenge. But if tomorrow comes and you will see the destruction you made to the people you once shared hopes and dreams with. Will peace come to your heart? No, you won’t find peace. Rather, eternal sorrow and regret will creep into your soul.


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